Fenice Venezia Mestre
A new logo for sport club from Venice, ASF Fenice
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Fenice Venezia-Mestre logo design

Fenice Venezia Mestre

L’Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica ‚Fenice’ C5 is the futsal club from Mestre, a district of Venice, Italy. A name of the team was inspired by the Phoenix, a creature from the Greek Mythology looking like a bird, that cyclically born again.

In 2015 I got the request to redesign their complex logo. I recommended to simplify the phoenix symbol and match to the oval shield, looking like the shape of the traditional Italian heraldry.

Fenice Venezia-Mestre logo design

Originally the badge was designed in orange-dark blue coloristic, but after the year the management changed the colours to the orange, black and green.




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Futsal, Logo design, Rebranding, Sport, Sport logo