WKS Grodno crest design

WKS Grodno

Logo design is not only my work. Sometimes I feel a need to create the symbol for an important idea or the organization, f.e. crest for Polish club that was defunct during the wars. The crest of WKS Grodno was created in the memory of Poles from the Eastern borderlands, lost to the Soviet Union at the end of World War II. My grandfather was born in Polish city Nowogródek, currently belonging to the Republic of Belarus. The biggest sport club from that area was located in Grodno, placed 150 km far away.

WKS Grodno kit design

I designed a conceptual emblem for WKS Grodno and published on PolskieLogo.net with the article about club history and achievements. To make Grodno’s story more contemporary, I also designed the visualisations of the football jerseys, according to the pictures from my imagination.

WKS Grodno crest design




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