A website dedicated to Polish sports logos and badges. Since 2015, I have been building a database of logos of clubs and organizations operating on the territory of the Republic of Poland. PolskieLogo.net aims to popularise and educate in the fields of sport, history, geography and design.


The website logo combines associations with Poland (the White Eagle, drawn with a folded flag) and the geometric shape.

Polskielogo inspiration

The letters were drawn for the purposes of the project – glyphs with a pugnacious, distinctive shape, associated with the pre-computer age.



In order to promote the website, I have organized numerous internet campaigns – both on the website and on social media.

On the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence, the users of the website chose the „100th anniversary Masterpiece logo.” The competition concerned 50 emblems of clubs that have won at least four Polish Championships (in two team sports) or eight Championships (in one team sport).

The „Retro Mundial” campaign involved 30 clubs which existed on Polish territories before the Second World War. These clubs consisted of German, Jewish and Polish sides from the Eastern borderlands lost to the Soviet Union at the end of the war.

The „Kolej na kolejarzy” campaign informed audiences of selected logos of Polish clubs which had had some association with the Polish railways.

Stal VS Unia

During the „Stal vs. Unia” battle, website users chose the best logos of clubs with this moniker.

Olimpia VS Victoria

Another campaign promoting lesser-known clubs was „Victoria vs. Olimpia”.

When the site was first launched, I decided to involve audiences from the largest Polish cities. I therefore created the campaign „Batalia miast (City battle)”. As part of the battle I included 16 logos of clubs based in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and Wrocław.

The „Logo of the Year” competitions, on the first and second birthdays of the website, were also popular among internet users.

In the first edition of the competition, readers chose the „2016 Logo of the year” from among 30 clubs whose logos received the highest average rating in the first year of the website’s existence.

In the second edition, 20 clubs were included, and in addition to internet voting, the best logos were also selected by experts from the world of journalism and sports graphics.


In addition to building a database of Polish sports club logos and their historical versions, I have also published original proposals for future club logos.

Original Logos by Kuba Malicki

Among these were emblems designed for sports clubs and original projects created as part of the „How I see it” series designed for promotional purposes.


One of the goals of the site is to re-create all the historical logos of clubs that have played in the Polish top division.

So far, I have recreated the logos of pre-war clubs, and in the future, I plan to write about the postwar era.


The website is closely integrated with and promoted using social media. As a result, currently it has over 4,900 fans on Facebook and 1,800 Twitter followers.

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