Graphic Designer
Kuba Malicki / polskielogo.net

Two pictures which could have built my life? 'The Burning Giraffe’ that I had seen first time when I was 6 years old, inspired me to look for creativity in my imagination. 7 years later I saw an informator of the Champions League in the 'Piłka Nożna’ magazine with 16 amazing monochromatic crests. Then I’ve fallen in love with football.

I’m a Graphic Designer with over 15 years experience, and I’ve been running my own studio for eight years. Design is a way for me to help people with the realisation of their dreams and desires. I help people to build their brand, from naming to logo creation and branding.

As you can see, a lot of my work involves sports clubs and associations. I have worked with over 100 such organisations, because sport possesses the characteristics which I most value in my life – passion and hard work which allows the achieving of goals. Based on these characteristics, I create logos. I never finish a project before it fully meets expectations.

In addition to sports branding, among which you will find projects for the Polish Football and Tennis Associations, the PGNiG Superliga, the Polish Handball Federation, Ekstraklasa SA, Wisła Kraków and Lech Poznań, I have also cooperated with companies from the IT, transport, medical, food and start-up sectors.

I believe that in a world dominated by templates, every company, organisation and sports club should look for a unique image. If you think similarly, I’d be happy to work with you.